Why you need a managed unified number for communicating with your clients?


Modern means of communication have to cope up with changing psyche of customer. In day of instant noodles and fast-food, customers are getting more and more impatient. Need for instant gratification is becoming hall mark of humans.

However current communication means has not been able to keep up with this changing psyche. Businesses still rely on archaic means of reaching to customers i.e. via email, online forms and IVR systems.

Technology is available to reach instantly to customers. That is TEXT messaging. Though for businesses current avatar of SMS technology has serious drawbacks.


  1. SMS or TEXT messaging as of today is designed to be for one person to another. This seriously impairs businesses to use SMS as means for reaching to clients. Businesses cannot advertise SMS numbers of all personnel that want to participate in SMS communication. What businesses need is a single number that hides all the active personnel behind it.
  2. Businesses need to communicate with customers via voice call too. However advertising two different sets of number i.e. one for SMS and other for Voice simple confuses consumers and is a big no-no.
  3. Businesses need to track and monitor each and every conversation between their representatives and customers in their CRM systems. Current out of the box SMS solutions lack that capabilities.
  4. Businesses need to have ability to snoop into the conversation between representative and the customer.
  5. Businesses need to be able track the chronological conversation tree between customer and business no matter what means of communication i.e. TEXT,Voice or Email is used.
  6. Businesses should be able to have customer engaged even if the representative is not able to connect back to the ongoing conversation
  7. Customers prefer to maintain communication with same person they have engaged initially


What businesses need is a single front end number that masks out all the representatives. The number should act as voice as well as text bridge. Apart from that a system should be present that allows all the traffic to be routed to the CRM systems or some sort of tracking systems.

To alleviate the above problems, businesses rely on Braango. Braango is out of the box feature rich unified communications engine between customer and business. Its a multi-way MMS engine, Voice bridge, MMS/Voice to email bridge. It tracks every thing into the CRM.

Please read the FAQ section to understand more about Braango solution.

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