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Increase Reach and Richness

Digital has disrupted marketing and at the core of it is “Connected Customer”. With mobile phones, social media, cloud and IoT, customers are on line 24/7, businesses need to continuously engage with their customers. In this mobile first world, SMS is an amazing way to connect and engage with customers. Over 90% of all SMS are read within 5 minutes of receiving, and with Braango your customers can respond back too .

Outbound Marketing

In the age of digital disruption, our attention span is now shorter than a Goldfish. Based on research conducted by Microsoft Corp., our attention span has shrunk to little over 8 second. For the current time crunched twitter generation, clear and concise messaging is the key to successful marketing.

Braango allows you to reach your broader customer base effectively through text Blast. With Braango, you can import contacts from CSV and send bulk messages. Why stop at getting the message out or sending a promo code to your customers. Refine your campaign and target audience by allowing your customers to follow up, inquire and send feedback.

Inbound marketing

Many have the myopic view that bigger the lead funnel, better are the prospects of conversion. However in current era of information overload, not all leads are “sales ready”. Currently companies have limited choice either to 1) divert all the calls to skilled sales people which is a waste of precious resource or 2) introduce a middle layer of representative which are not effective in converting “sales ready” customers.

Simply add your Braango number at the end of your web or print media ad ; and let the customers exchange text with the sales team directly. Sales personnel can reply to these messages at his/her convenience and use Braango templates to save key messages. And once the lead is qualified, sales personnel can switch to voice or other channel to actively engage with the customer.

At the same time the other leads are valuable too, but need to be nurtured. The conversion cycle for them can be as long as twelve months and might requires continuous engagement through multiple channels. Through crisp and concise texts, sales team can actively engage with these customers without annoying or distracting them.

Product Enquiry

Biggest multimedia shift has already begun. As per Google Internal data, “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” With the increase in time spent on mobile and high SMS/MMS open rates, text has become an effective way to reach and engage with customers for product enquiry.

Braango allows you to integrate text with your database, so when a customer enquires for a product, you can simply text them pictures of the products and other specification from your mobile itself. Even better, they can simply text a code and get access to all the details within few seconds. This is particularly useful for sales force which is always on the go and cannot access internet and database frequently.

Customer Support

Traditionally customer touchpoint has been the measure for customer experience. However with multi-channel approach, it is difficult for companies to manage consistence customer touchpoint experience while engaging with customers across multiple channels.

Take this scenario, an auto company has email, text and voice support. One of its customer likes to email during his office hours and like to follow up with a voice interaction in the evening. However, the representative on voice has no context of the email conversation and it is frustrating for the customer to explain from scratch.

When a customer reaches out with a  query or issue, Braango’s lead grabber feature allows the notification to be sent to multiple personnel. Once a support personnel accepts the customer, from here on, all follow up queries and issues from the customer across multiple channel are routed to the same personnel. This helps the personnel to understand end to end customer need, build trust and deeper relationship over time.

Connect With Local Partners With Braango Proximity Locator

Imagine this, on his wedding anniversary, a customer calls the central number of a florist and select orchids and pink hydrangeas to be delivered to his wife in 3 hours. Central system sends the order to the local florist, and it turns out that fresh pink hydrangeas are out of stock. With current local florist will either 1) cancel the order and refund the customer, 2) opt for a cumbersome process where the local florist will message central system with an alternative which in turn will call the customer and confirm 3) put not so fresh flowers in the bouquet and send. In all three scenarios, the customer will end up feeling dissatisfied.

Reduce steps involved and increase customer retention through letting the customers connect directly with one of the local florists. With Braango, whenever a customer texts or call, the system will bridge and notify nearest franchise or personnel. Thus the customer can directly connect and order service based on suggestions from the local franchise. At the same time, the CRM integration feature ensures that the conversation is stored in the CRM system for reference or supervision.

Reminder/ Alert

Research shows that on an average, 42% of appointments end up being no-shows. Apart from lost revenue, it significantly effects the already long wait time, cost and accessibility of health care. Many providers have email or voice reminders in place however, the email is ineffective due to step involved and voice is cumbersome and costly.

With, Braango you can effectively send reminders and confirmation messages to your customers, leading to better planning of resources and lower no shows. Integrate Braango with your existing CRM and reservation systems and you are all set. With over 90% open rate you can be certain that the reminder will reach your client and your client can simply respond with a “Yes” , “No” or “Reschedule”.

Track Campaign Success

Measure success of a campaign by using Braango’s call tracking feature. Generate Braango number for each campaign and use that on ads or to broadcast campaign message. Braango system records response rate and each multimedia interaction that customer have with the business, following the marketing campaign to track the success of the campaign and refine it.

For further analysis, businesses can do A/B testing by broadcasting 2 different campaigns to similar customer subsets using two Braango numbers. Businesses can generate separate Braango numbers for various campaign and customer group combination too.

Unified customer engagement platform for inbound and outbound communications
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