Tips and Tricks of Using SMS Marketing


With an exceptionally high open rate of 98% (Source:, text messaging has become an indispensable part of marketing campaign. Be it new product launch, promotion campaign or growing customer reach, text is an important broadcasting tool that ensures that the marketing campaign reaches the target audience. However, in today’s world reaching customers is not sufficient. In order to attain marketing goals, companies need to make sure that they are reaching the right audience with the right message and at the right time.

Here are some expert tips on engaging customers using text-based marketing campaigns

  1. Parameters and Outcome: As a first step decide what the objective is or expected outcome of your campaign and decide on parameters to track the success of your campaign. Many popular ad campaigns fail to deliver the required revenue or bottom-line targets that companies want to achieve.


  1. Target Customer Group: Like other modes, for texting also there is no one size fits all approach. First, understand your customers and group them based on similar characteristics. It might be a good idea to create a persona for each of the important groups that you have identified. You can use internal data on the customer or take help of external marketing research for doing so. Once identified, select the group of customers that you want to target for a specific campaign.


  1. Messaging and Positioning: Once you have identified your audience, the next step is to brainstorm about what resonates with a specific group of customers. For example, a potential customer with family might be looking for a spacious and comfortable car, or a student might be looking for a cheap yet reliable car for commute till he graduates and upgrades. Once you have decided the theme, make sure that your content is crisp and to the point. No one likes reading a lengthy text message, thus keeping a word limit for your campaign might be a good idea too.


  1. Call to Action: Now you have figured out who your audience is and what content they would like the most, the next step is to give them the flexibility to connect back. Always keep a line or two on the options and modes to connect with you. Our survey results show that the option to call or text back on the same number is most effective as customers can simply reply or call back on the message. Thus you might want to explore using customer engagement platforms like Braango to increase customer retention rate.


  1. Timing: Sending messages at an inappropriate time is the easiest way to annoy customers. Make sure to schedule your messages for suitable timing based on your product. In order to figure out what would be the best time to send a message, understand your audience’s mobile usage pattern and when they are most active. Overall, based on an article by mobilemarketer, it is a good idea to avoid Monday and to avoid rush hours. Based on the research, Monday has lowest response rate among all weekdays. Similarly, people are busy and have little time to read your text during peak hours. There is a good chance that they will simply delete a marketing message when things get busy. Hence sending messages at right time and day can increase the effectiveness of your campaign manifold.


  1. Tracking Effectiveness: Track effectiveness of a campaign based on the predefined goals that you had set in the beginning of a campaign. This will help you see what return you are getting from a specific campaign, areas or customer group where the campaign was effective or not so effective as well as how to improve it for maximum return. If you are giving customers the flexibility to decide on communication mode, Braango might be the appropriate solution for you, unlike existing solutions which only track one communication mode. Braango allows businesses to have one number across multiple modes – SMS, MMS and call and the platform record all the conversations into CRM so that businesses can access and do advance analytics on their campaign data to track and further improve campaign effectiveness.

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