Solved: 4 of 6 Top Sales Challenges of 2017

At Braango, we are always at the look-out for making sales and sales processes easy for dealerships. From productivity to prospecting, our team at Braango has carefully analyzed top challenges that sales face and we strive to solve these problem through technology and market expertise. In this blog, we would like to share how Braango can help you solve 4 out of 6 top challenges of 2017.

Top Sales Challenges

Valuable leads are lost when customers try to text a landline. Based on A&T research, 150 million texts are sent to landline numbers every day. Additionally, 24% of website users prefer text, a percentage that far outpaces phone calls as the preferred method of communication (PERQ). Braango’s unified text and voice platform allows dealerships to capture leads that prefer to text dealerships over call or email.

Research shows that the odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes is 21 times versus when called in 30 minutes ( Braango’s lead grabber mode allows dealerships to capture leads when they are still hot, improving overall lead quality. As soon as a lead contacts dealership on its Braango number, the message is broadcasted to all sales rep’s cell phone via SMS. First to reply owns the lead, removing latency related to BDC manager manually assigning lead.

SMS has 98% open rate and 45% response rate, leading to higher lead qualification and gain in lead conversion by as much as 100% (velocify). Additionally, Braango removes latency around receptionist and BDC manager by directly connecting leads with cell phones of multiple representatives, leading to higher customer satisfaction and appointment rates.

Braango automates mundane sales tasks like lead assignment, connecting customer to same sales rep, CRM recording and lead analytics so that sales can focus on what they are good at – Selling


Braango can help you streamline your sales process by automating tasks, removing latency and adding more insight and analytics to your sales process. So don’t risk losing sales, contact us immediately to know more about how Braango can help you boost sales.

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