Why SMS/MMS based communications are very effective ?

They got this app right

This is one of the apps developed that has got it right. Messages are short enough so that user doesn’t get bogged down, they reach almost instantly to the receiver.  Plus thanks to strong TCPA rules, there is virtually no spam.

Get your business ready for communication tool of millennials. Don’t get left out on SMS/MMS strategy due to lack of tools.

Extremely simple  to use

SMS/MMS has been designed to be extremely easy to use. The intent of this simple design is to have people of all ages , from all walks of life to use this app. It is one of most simplest , no frills, no nonsense app. An 8yr old can use so can 80 yr old – be it in any part of the world.

No download needed

This app is native provided to any phone provided by cell phone maker and/or operating system provider. User doesn’t need to download any app to be able to be connected to others. This makes its adaptability almost universal.

Biggest advantage of this app is that it is fully backward compatible. Any phone device , be it smart phone or old cell phone, will be have this app. Devices will change but your engagement with customer will not.

Designed for attention

SMS/MMS has been designed purely as utilitarian app. No links, no folders, keeps attention very focused on conversation. SMS messaging is more focused even compared to best designed landing page. Message sent to the consumer, either outbound or reply to inbound  message is guaranteed to be opened and acted upon. Either a reply or a STOP. In either scenario, the loop closes.

With messages being short in nature, they don’t overwhelm your customers. Plus inherent design of this app is that it is always on.

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