Independent Sales Agent FAQ

Yes, Braango offers 30 days free trial for end customers. Please note, sales agents are not paid commissions during trial period.

Braango is Text (SMS/MMS), Voice and Text to Email bridge between your customers and your representatives. …


Customers can use Braango immediatly post sign up.

Yes, customers can sign using credit card or debit card as payment mode.However, customers will not be charged until trial period ends and an invoice is generated.

Customers can pay either via debit card or credit card. After initial set-up Braango will automatically charge customer’s card after an invoice is raised.

Braango uses Stripe to process payments. We do not store any credit card or debit card infromation after we submit it to Stripe.

Braango can be used and has potential to create value for any business that actively engage with customers and have 2 or more representative.

Independent sales agent will be the first point of contact for a customer for upgrade and downgrade related requests. Sales agent can then forward the request to Braango and our team will handle the request.

As an independent sales agent, you can sell to any segment or business where Braango can be a potential fit

Customer can contact sales agent, who will forward the request to Braango. Please note that Braango services will continue till the end of customer’s current subscription.

Independent sales agent should act as first level of support and should contact Braango only if an issue is required to be escalated.

Commissions are paid 10 days after collecting fees from active customers. Re-sellers will not be paid commissions for accounts that fail to pay fee for the service.

Commissions will be paid electronically via ACH

Yes, Braango will provide sales material and a short training to get you and your team started with Braango.

After utilizing our support material, independent sales agents can contact Braango team for support or to escalate a customer issue.

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Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.