Customer Demo


Step 1: Go to https://go.braango.com/demo

Step 2: Enter  Login ID & Password

Step 3: Read & accept terms and click on login

Step 4: Add cellphone numbers of people acting as reps (please note that landline numbers can be used as voice number)

Step 5: Person acting as customer can TEXT or CALL Braango Number

Step 6: Reps will receive the message on their cellphone/landline, first one to reply will grab the lead; if other rep replies back later, customer will not get the message and rep will get a message that the lead has been handled

Step 7: From now on, customer TEXT and CALLs will be directly connected to the respective sales rep that handled the customer in first place

Supervisor Mode

Step 8: Select one of the other reps as supervisor and click enable

Step 9: From now on, supervisor will be copied on all TEXT and VOICE communication; and supervisor can anytime interject text conversation

Exiting Demo

Step 10: Click on reset to delete all the settings and details; then click logout

Unified customer engagement platform for inbound and outbound communications
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