What Makes Integrated Text And Voice Tracking So Powerful?

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” — Roy H. Williams

72% customers today want to connect with businesses through multiple channels (www.thebridgecorp.com).

Call and online tracking just paints one side of the picture. To understand customer journey, it is important to track all aspects of customer engagement including text. Integrating text and voice tracking help dealers see the big picture and map customer journey instead of a single call.

Map Customer Journey: Instead of tracking individual calls, dealers can track customer journey across channels. This helps dealership gain useful insight around customer pain points, timeline, channels, and touchpoints. This, in turn, can be used to improve overall customer experience.

Measure ROI: Want to measure the success of a marketing campaign or lead conversion for a landing page. 78% customers today want to text businesses, making call tracking an inadequate measure to track success. Integrated text and voice tracking is a better way to track ROI and other success metrics for a campaign.

Consistent Customer Experience: With easy access to information and plethora of choice, customers like to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate products, engage and re-engage with dealerships till they make a purchase decision. Tracking customer journey ensures that at every touch point a sales rep is aware of customer journey and previous information provided to ensure consistent customer experience.

Sales Focus: Are you so much focused on call and other online channels that texting is getting neglected as a channel. Integrated tracking ensures sales focus and performance across channels ensuring better engagement and thus higher sales.

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