Don't Risk Losing Leads With CRM Text Solution

We'll help you engage new customers more efficiently through unified text and voice!

  • Leads are lost when customer text your voice number or vice versa
  • 150 million text are sent to landline everyday

Painpoints With CRM Based Solutions

 Separate Text and Voice

Leads are lost as ~150 million texts are sent to landline numbers, most of which are not text enabled. Are you losing leads too by maintaining separate text and voice number?

No Real Time Supervision

Experienced supervisors cannot monitor and interject real-time through CRM, when a conversation is going bad, decreasing lead conversion rate.

Losing Hot Leads

Odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes is 21 times versus when called in 30 minutes. Are you losing hot leads due to latency in lead assignment?

Desk Or Web App Required

Constantly monitoring desk app is inefficient, and mobile needs data and storage. 80% users delete apps after one use.

Switch To Braango: A Unified Text And Voice Solution


Auto routing of call to and from your Braango number to representative(s) and customer(s)


Multi way texting between your customer, representative and his supervisor

Click To Call

Click to immediately connect with customer through call

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Features That Our Customers Love

Lead Grabber Mode

Never miss any lead, new lead gets broadcasted to everyone in the designated group. First to reply owns the conversation throughout the issue/customer lifecycle.

No App/ Web Based Interface

Braango is completely mobile and uses cellular network and basic calling and SMS app on the mobile phone which does not require any download

Call Tracking

Create separate Braango number for each mode or campaign and analyze key metrics by logging on to Braango dashboard. Braango also let you record and analyze all the conversations, text and voice.

Dynamic Call Conference

Buying is a big decision. Many of your customers would want to involve their family and friends or consult more experts from your sales team. Braango allows customers as well as sales representatives to add other people on the call.

Information Engine

Customers can request product information or pictures by sending text to Braango Number

Supervisor Mode

Assign supervisor for each representative or group and he/she will be copied on each conversation between the rep and a customer. Moreover supervisor can interject a conversation, call or text any time.


Integrate Braango with ADF XML, CRM, inventory manager or ticketing system for seamless integration and real time customer updates.

Regional Connect

Connect leads with local franchise. When customers call or text unified Braango number, Regional Connect automatically broadcast leads to local representatives only.

Banner/ Footer Templates

Braango allows representatives or managers to save time and standardize communications by using saved footer and banner templates for text conversations.

TCPA Compliant

Adhere to TCPA and do not call policy. Customers can be texted or called only after authentication for consent.

Customer Testimonial

"The product works great and setup was a breeze."

Our main salesperson Steve said he has been getting some texts late at night, and I told him he didn't have to answer calls that late, but he said no problem because he said he set the appointment while he was in the movies.

Laszlo Ember, Director of Marketing, New Jersey State Auto Auction

Don't Risk Losing Leads



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