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Unified Customer Engagement Across Text and Voice

Customer Services Shortfalls

 Separate Text and Voice

74% of customers are using 3 or more channels to access customer service. (Source: ICMI research). And they expect ability to seamlessly switch from one mode to other.

Slow Response Time

Customers expect email response in 1 hour, when businesses take 15 hours . Most of the delay can be attributed to latency involved in logging on to CRM and manual issue assignment

Customers Hate To Repeat

Every time a customer calls or emails a business, a new representative, without any prior context of knowledge of the issue, ends up handling the issue, leading to customer frustration

Call Wait Time

Customers expect email response in 1 hour, when businesses take 15 hours . Most of the delay can be attributed to latency involved in logging on to CRM and manual lead assignment

Switch To Braango: A Unified Text And Voice Solution


Auto routing of call to and from your Braango number to representative(s) and customer(s)


Multi way texting between your customer, representative and his supervisor

Click To Call

Click to immediately connect with customer through call

Features That Customer Centers Like

First Response Mode

Lower your time to first response by letting customer calls and mails directly reach cellphones of multiple reps. First to reply get to own the customer for the entire issue cycle for better customer experience

Conversation Tracking

Track and improve KPIs with Braango analytics. Braango let you record and analyze all the conversations, text and voice. All conversations are saved in CRM for later use.

No App/ Web Based Interface

Braango is completely mobile and uses cellular network and basic calling and SMS app on the mobile phone which does not require any download

Conversation Recording

Record all conversations, text and voice into your CRM system for further analysis

Connect Customer to Same Rep

Customers hate getting connected to new rep every time. Braango connects customer, to same representative for the entire issue cycle, across text and voice

Supervisor Mode

Assign supervisor for each rep or group and he/she will be copied on each conversation between the rep and a customer. Moreover supervisor can interject a conversation, call or text any time. Our customers frequently use this feature for real time training.


Integrate Braango with  CRM, and Help Desk or ticketing system for seamless integration and real time customer updates.

TCPA Compliant

Adhere to TCPA and do not call policy. Customers can be texted or called only after authentication for consent.

Customer Testimonial

"The product works great and setup was a breeze."

Our main salesperson Steve said he has been getting some texts late at night, and I told him he didn't have to answer calls that late, but he said no problem because he said he set the appointment while he was in the movies.

Laszlo Ember, Director of Marketing, New Jersey State Auto Auction

Delight Customer, Without Increasing Cost



Unified customer engagement platform for inbound and outbound communications
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