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If you have read our blogs, you already know that multichannel is the way to go. And adopting right multichannel communication platform can make you stand out and give you the sales boost you were looking for.  However, still you face the dilemma about which platform to go for. So we have complied a list of Braango features that you will instantly fall in love with.

Single Unified Number:  Maintaining separate numbers for text and voice can not only be an inconvenience for customers but also a big hassle for your sales team. With Braango, single Braango number acts as bridge for text and voice so that both customers and your sales team can choose and switch mode of communication, any time in the conversation. It is as good as having a cellular connection, however Braango allows you to bridge text and calls to multiple representatives across multiple locations with a Single Braango Number.

No App Required: No need to worry about your mobile data plan or power hungry app while connecting with customers. Unlike other solutions available in market, Braango does not require sales to keep refreshing CRM screen or download an app. Instead of data, Braango leverages your cellular network to send and receive SMS and call to connect with customers.

Lead Grabber Mode: Based on study from leadresponsemanagement.org, the odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes is 21 times versus when called in 30 minutes. Time is the key and Braango’s lead grabber mode allows you to grab the lead while it is still hot. As soon as a lead contacts your Braango number either through text or call, that call or text is broadcasted to everyone in your sales team. Any sales rep who is available at that moment can reply back, thus increasing the possibility of capturing the lead while it is still hot. Additionally, once a sales rep has responded, all the conversations from the same customer are routed to the same sales person who already knows the context and need of the customer and thus is able to serve the customer better.

Call Tracking: Are you still spending a big chunk of your budget on call tracking. You might want to give Braango a serious consideration.  Simply use different Braango numbers for specific campaigns and track key insight and progress for each of them. On top of it, Braango also records all the conversations between reps and customers, across text and voice, in case you want to dig deeper and refine your campaign.

Supervisor Mode: Are you afraid of leads going bad, while you train one of your new sales reps or want to keep a watch of your sales team. You are definitely going to love Braango’s supervisor mode which allows supervisor of a representative to real time watch and interject a client conversation, be it text or live call. Assign a supervisor to a representative or a specific group and the supervisor will be copied on all the customer-representative conversations.

Regional Connect: Braango allows you to add local touch to your global business. Every time a customer contacts your Braango number, Braango route the conversation to the regional team located near the customer, allowing for a more personalized service from sales reps who understand local context or have better knowledge of inventory at a local franchise.

Information Engine: Braango’s information engine feature allows you to be connected with customer 24×7 even at the odd hours. Customers can simply text product code to your Braango number and receive pictures of the product and three product suggestions.

In addition to these features, Braango is TCPA compliant and allow customers to integrate with ADF XML, Zoho and Jira so that you can maintain customer information in one place. If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact us at sales@braango.com

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