Why And How To Enhance Relationship Sales Model With Braango

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 “It cost more than 6 times to get a new customer than retain an existing one”

“84% buyers now kick off their buying process with a referral”

Customers tend to buy from representative they like and trust.  On top of that, with a positive experience, 83% customers are open to referring their friends and family and have great influence on their sales preferences. For example, if Matt tells Bill that he had a great experience dealing with XYZ Sales Rep at ABC dealership, there is over 80% chance that Bill will contact the dealership for his car purchase. In this blog, I would like to discuss how Braango can help you boost sales by enhancing your relationship sales model.

Short Non-Intrusive Follow Ups: Customers are busy and don’t have much time to talk to sales reps on phone or check promotion emails unless they are actively shopping in the market. Braango allows you to send short and to the point texts that are non-intrusive, but at the same time grab customer attention.

Talking To Same Representative: Talking to a different representative each time they call/ text dealership for sales or post sales service leads to two undesirable outcomes:

  • Sales/ Service rep not having much context of customer history and preferences, adding latency and frustration to the process
  • Customer never building a one on one relationship with the representative

Braango connects customer to same sales or service representative each time customer calls or texts dealership’s Braango number, ensuring higher personalization and service quality, increasing customer satisfaction.

Regional Connect: Based on research from thinkwithgoogle.com, over 57% time customers are searching for local information on their smart phones ranging from local price, inventory and operating hours. Braango allows franchises to directly connect customers with regional sales representative who have deep knowledge of local inventory, and customer preference, motivating customers to visit local stores.

Want to enhance your relationship selling model? Contact us at sales@braango.com with your preferred time for a quick demo session with our sales team to understand your requirements and how Braango can help boost sales.

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