Engage Leads 24/7 With Information Engine

  • 51 percent of people say a business needs to be available 24/7 (Venturebeat)
  • Based on research from workarea.com, hourly session peak in the evening from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m
  • 8 percent would rather contact a business through messaging than email (Venturebeat)

Does your dealership have a strategy to engage with customers 24/7, even post regular hours? If not, you might be losing customers that are knocking your doors at odd hours or are not ready to engage with dealerships actively. And, information engine from Braango is worth your attention in order to engage and convert these customers.

What is Information Engine?

Braango information engine allows customers to automatically get 8 pictures of a car by simply texting last four digits of respective car’s VIN to dealership’s Braango number. Further, the platform also notifies sales reps via text. And, the rep can grab and engage the lead by simply replying back to the notification via text or call.

Benefits of Information Engine

24×7 Engagement: Information engine allows dealerships to engage with customers 24×7. With Information Engine, customers can get information and pictures of a car by  a simple text. Additionally, the system sends three more suggestions based on the car that customer selected.

No Leads Lost: Car buying process can be overwhelming and stressful for many customer. And others might be just in the early phase of their search, In short, not all customers are ready to engage with dealerships actively/ directly. With information engine, these customers can still ask for information about a car without actively engaging with a sales rep. And in turn, dealerships get to reach these customers early on vs other dealerships.  

Lead Generation: With one simple text from customer, dealership gets customer cell number and the relevant information around customer’s preference to start a conversation. Additionally, as the conversation is customer initiated, dealership can follow up or contact the customer, and still be compliant with TCPA guidelines.

Live Engagement: 35-50% of all sales are won by the vendor that responds first (www.propellercrm.com). Leads from information engine are sent directly to cellphones of multiple reps in real time, ensuring instant reply from sales rep and live engagement while a lead is still hot.

Interested in Knowing More?

Interested in knowing more? Reach us at sales@braango.com and we can arrange a quick call to discuss your needs and how Braango can help.

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