IS CRM Based Text Solution Good Enough?


Most CRM solutions come with basic text solution which allows business to send and record messages. They are good, seamless and serve basic texting requirements, however, the bigger question is if they are good enough. Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. Braango team comprehensively researched existing text solutions. And the blog compares Braango with existing CRM based text solutions.

Seamless Experience – Most CRM based solutions today do not support voice or other modes. Businesses have an option to maintain separate solutions but that means having a separate number for voice and a separate number for text and so on. It gets even more complicated if businesses want to have multiple locations or representatives behind these numbers. Additionally, lack of coordination and information sharing between modes frustrate customers who want to use multiple channels. Braango, allows businesses to have just One Number across voice and text. So customers can talk to representatives simply by dialing the number they are receiving text messages. Further, customers are always connected with the same representative who understands their context well, resulting in deeper trust and relationship.

Flexibility – CRM based text solutions require one to log into CRM either through a desktop or mobile app. This might be acceptable in business functions like customer care and support, but might not be effective for other areas like sales. For example, the sales team is always on the field, meeting and building relationship with customers. Desktop app is out of question in these scenarios and mobile apps turn out to be cumbersome and a big drain on battery for someone who is always on the go. Braango uses simple SMS/ MMS texting as the mode of communication. No app downloads or tying yourself with desktops, once configured, it is as simple as sending a text message and Braango takes care of all boring steps involved.

Integrated Approach – Over 90% of customers today want to use multiple channels. However, existing CRM solutions are limited to texting, thus when a customer decides to use other modes, those conversations are lost from CRM. With Braango customer conversations across all the modes are recorded in CRM as well as are clustered together so that representatives can map customer journey over time. Additionally, Braango’s call tracking feature allows business to do advanced analytics on a conversation and track campaign success.

ROI-  At Braango we also compared price and benefit of existing CRM solutions with that of Braango.  We compared the value Braango is creating including but not limited to text, voice, number masking and call tracking vs the cost of deploying these solutions separately, Braango comes out to be 35% cheaper than existing solutions that are currently there in the market. And, this does not take into account customer satisfaction and revenue growth due to the seamless experience that Braango provides.  [ Please check our ROI calculator for further analysis]

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