Comparison Between Braango and Other Solutions

Braango Other Texting Solutions Other Voice Solutions
Communication Mode
Multi Way SMS Bridge      
Multi Way MMS Bridge      
Multi Way Voice      
Text to Email Bridge      
Long Text      
Inbound/ Outbound Communication     Voice Only
No App Required      
Concurrently Ringing Multiple Reps      
Multiple Device/ Numbers Per Rep      
Use  Your Own Cellphone   Not For Text  
Number Masking Both Customer and Reps Reps Only Reps Only
Message Threading   CRM Based  
Marketing Campaign/ Bulk Messaging      
Message Subject      
Multiple Dealer Banner/ Footer    
Multiple Customer Banner/ Footer      
Location Support
Support Multiple Rooftops      
Support Multiple Departments      
Lead Assignment
Round Robin
Lead Grabber Automatic CRM Based
Broadcast Mode
Assign Mode CRM based
Conversation Ownership CRM based
Monitoring and Training
Supervisor Mode Real Time Partial
Call Tracking
CRM Text Recording
CRM Voice Recording
Call Tracking
Call Performance
CRM Integration
API Integration API and Webhooks API and Webhooks API and Webhooks
Braango Edge
Regional Connect
Information Engine
Unified customer engagement platform for inbound and outbound communications
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