Braango Leads

Braango Leads is primarily for lead providers, buy here pay here dealers, portal lead generators, lead consolidators and lead resellers. Braango leads can be used for harvesting existing leads, outbound campaigns and inbound leads generated via webforms or portal.

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Ways To Integrate

  • Client submits information via webform
  • Partner passes client info and leading question to Braango; concurrently leads are saved into partner CRM
  • Braango sends message to the client
  • Client replies back
  • Based on the response, Braango enables the bridge between dealer(s) and the client
  • All messages are logged to dealer/ partner CRM
  • Seed leads(client) with their cell phone numbers and leading question
  • Leading question is sent to clients
  • Clients reply back
  • Client responses are sent to partner
  • Partner decides if a client should be bridged and which dealer(s) it should be bridged, based on the response
  • Braango bridges client and dealer(s)
  • All messages are logged to dealer/ partner CRM
Unified customer engagement platform for inbound and outbound communications
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