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Braango LP

Braango LP use case is primarily for landing page providers that host VDP or Landing pages for businesses such as car dealers. Braango LP offers a host of features to landing providers like unified Text and Voice engagement, DNI (dynamic number insertion) for advanced tracking and analytics, and conversation recording. Following are the list of Braango Enterprise features geared towards landing page providers:

  • Ability to create cache of DNI numbers per dealer
  • Freedom to create and analyze DNI groups for various lead sources, few example include
    • Partner vs dealer leads
    • Digital platforms like eBay or Craigslist
    • Landing page variation
  • Interject for TEXT messages and control the communications
  • Receive, record and track all TEXT and VOICE messages
  • Spoof client and reach out to dealer
  • Spoof dealer and reach out to client
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Ways To Integrate

  • Landing Page Provider seeds the landing page with dealer’s braango number
  • Customer visits the landing page, sees the braango number
  • Customer calls or sends TEXT to the braango number
  • Braango sends message to the landing page provider. If required, optionally, landing page provider can enable the bridge or discard the communication. By default the bridge is already established unless the dealer and the personnel have been configured otherwise
  • Braango establishes the bridge with the associated dealer its reps

Braango LP: DNI Braango Number

  • Customer lands on landing page
  • Landing page logic queries landing page provider’s server with relevant information such as pixel tracker etc. to request for DNI number
  • Landing page provider server either makes request to braango server to fetch DNI number from the pool of numbers already created when seeding the dealer or it fetches Braango DNI number from its own cache.
  • Landing page provider can create additional braango DNI number on fly too if needed landing page provider server seeds the landing page in real time with braango DNI number
  • Based on whether partner wants to control connection with dealer and its personnel, it can enable connection after analyzing first TEXT message
    or by default connection is already established
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