Braango is next-generation unified communications and customer engagement platform for businesses, dealerships, and franchises.

Braango Number is department, location or group specific single unified number, across text and voice, masking for representatives registered via Braango Dashboard.

Rooftop/Dealer represents a single stand-alone business or a specific location or department for a multi-location franchise

Personnel/ Representative is a person that is servicing customers. Each location can have multiple personnel associated with various groups or departments.

Supervisor is representative with privileges to real-time monitor all the conversations within the group that he/she is supervising. For TEXT communications, a supervisor can interject too.

Lead Grabber Mode A Braango feature wherein, every inbound lead is broadcast to all the sales rep represented by that braango number. First to respond to the lead owns the lead through out the customer/issue cycle

Regiona Connect allows Braango to automatically detect customer’s zip code and assign the customer to personnel that can serve that zip code

Information Engine allows customers to request product information along with pictures by TEXTING product id or code


Braango Enterprise

API Integration, Braango has a vast set of APIs for providers to integrate with, for ex. CRM vendors, Lead providers etc

Client represents customer or lead that a business is serving

Partner is an enterprise that deploys Braango enterprise platform. For example, lead generators, lead resellers, portal providers, buy here pay here dealers, web form lead

Sub_Dealer represents a single stand-alone business or a specific location or department for a multi-location franchise

LP stands for landing pages

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)  a technique wherein a unique number is displayed on a website/ Landing page for customers to call

Binding is the process of pairing up customers with dealer(s)

Bridging is when a connection a dealer and a customer is enabled so that both can contact each other,  via TEXT and VOICE. Optionally Braango can send spoof message acting as the customer to the dealer and vice versa.

Early Binding mode where dealers and leads are matched upfront. Partner still has the choice to enable the bridge between the dealer and lead later in the conversation.

Late Binding mode refers to the option where leads and dealer are matched after initial message exchange between dealer and lead

Unified customer engagement platform for inbound and outbound communications
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