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When a location manager logs in, he or she can create groups for that location. Groups and departments are synonymous. Location manager can then add representatives to that department or group.

Braango is Text (SMS/MMS), Voice and Text to Email bridge between your customers and your representatives. …


Braango supports three levels of access levels. Level 1 is the main access level, generally assigned to GM or central administrator. Level 2 is second level access, generally assigned to manager of a location or department head and finally level 3 is representative level.

Level 1 user can do following :

  • Add additional location managers
  • Add representatives at any location
  • Add supervisors for any groups in any locations
  • Purchase Braango Numbers for any location and any department within that location
  • Access reports across locations
  • and much more ….

    Level 2 user has similar access as Level 1 user except it is confined to a location. Level 2 user can :

  • Add representatives within the location
  • Add groups or departments for the location
  • Add supervisors for a group
  • Purchase Braango number per group or per representative
  • and much more ….

    Level 3 user is representative. He/she can purchase Braango numbers, upload leads, join departments ….

    Braango represents single number for consumer to communicate with the  business using Voice or Text. Multiple representatives are masked by single number. Each representative will be able to use their existing phone and engage in two way Text/Voice conversation with customer. Every conversation is tracked and recorded in CRM system.



    When the lead or customer contacts Braango number first time, all associated representatives behind that Braango number will get customer message or phone call. The first representative to respond will own the customer.

    Text enabled phone is tied to person using that phone. Braango number is front masking number for multiple representatives having Text enabled phone.

    Braango System can be setup in minutes via online registration. Inventory integration can take up to 1 day to 2 weeks depending upon feed provider.

    Yes they can. Only caveat, images and videos cannot be sent over toll free number.

    We understand the cut throat nature of car industry. Any sales rep can create his/her own Braango Number and advertise online or in any media. Any leads generated by that will be routed to that sales rep only.

    Any inbound call or TEXT message is broadcast to all the registered sales reps. The first sales rep to respond owns the conversation going forward unless he fails to respond in 24 hrs after the last communication.

    Yes, Once the customer has connected with the dealership. Any call to customer’s braango number is recorded and sent to CRM. Braango is true two way call monitoring system.

    Yes, Braango has built in call tracking. All inbound calls are recorded and sent to CRM.

    Dealer can publish Braango Number where he/or she wants to advertise. Craigslist, Autotrader, Ebay, Cars.com, VDP etc. There is no restriction.

    Braango works with majority of feed providers. Please specify your feed provider to your sales rep and Braango will work to get feed setup. Alternatively Braango can accept inventory via REST API calls. Your feed provider can simply update inventory into Braango System as many times in a day.

    Yes, customers of dealers will be able to automatically download car details along with 3 other similar cars by sending text “info stock_number” to car dealer’s braango number.

    Currently, it will say Braango.

    ADF XML has option to update the lead. Though many CRM vendors ignore those completely. In that cases you will see duplicate entries. Most CRM vendors will be able to identify this field and drop the duplicate leads. Braango Dashboard always takes care of duplicate leads.

    There is no limit on number of email addresses where ADF leads can be sent.

    Yes, Braango will send leads in ADF XML format to the CRM of your choice.

    Braango tracks all the conversation into the CRM and Braango Dashboard. Braango enables text and voice bridge between customer and list of representatives within the group. By enabling Braango to communicate with customer, businesses can leverage power call tracking, message snooping, proximity locator, group filtering and many other exotic features that Braango Number provides.

    Braango is universal communications platform for businesses. Customers can reach business by sending text or calling a Braango Number directly. This is called Inbound messaging. Customers can be reached by businesses by text initiated by business. This is called outbound messaging or outbound leads.

    Yes, representative can maintain outbound leads and messages for himself/herself.

    Yes, Braango records all voice conversations and updates CRM with the recording.

    Yes, Customer can download information about particular product/service of business. The product/service needs to be in braango system.

    Scheduling of messages is available in enterprise package.

    Yes, messages can be sent via dashboard.

    Representative’s number will be always masked by Braango Number for security purposes.

    Customer’s number will be masked during live conversation for security reasons. However CRM systems will have actual customer number.

    Yes, each representative will be able to create multiple header/footer messages. Braango system will randomly choose the messages or representative can mark an active message. If representative doesn’t create his/her own messages, location level header/footer will be used.

    Yes, each location will be able to create multiple header/footer messages that will be appended to messages going out to customer.

    If representative fails to respond to his/her customer within 24 hrs. after customer’s last message; the message is broadcast again to all representatives within the group.

    Yes, Braango number can be associated with entire location.

    Yes, Braango Number can be associated with department or group.

    Yes, Any representative can have his/her own Braango Number.

    When a representative has his/her own Braango number, all inbound leads to that number are always associated with that representative and his/her supervisor(s)

    Yes, Braango has opt out option.

    For any Braango number, 10 phone lines can be simultaneously ring. However only one number can be actively conversing with the customer.

    Yes, Braango supports businesses with multiple locations. Each location can have multiple representatives.

    Yes, Braango will update business’s CRM system with all the messages between customer and representative.

    Each package has limits on number of Braango numbers that can be added. Additional numbers can be purchased as “add-ons”.

    Depending upon package selected, businesses can add from one representative to as many as they want. Additional representatives can be added as “add-ons”

    Any representative wishing to participate in receiving text messages on his cell phone is required to have Text Enabled phone. However it is not mandatory. He or she can receive text messages as email and can respond back via email. Braango converts customer text messages to email and representative emails to text messages.

    Yes. Braango will bridge customer voice calls to any phone, landline or cell phone.

    All information transacted via Braango system is stored securely on its own servers.

    Braango does not share your information with third party, unless authorized  by you or required by law.

    Yes braango provides integration support via API. Please email  us support@braango.com to get access to our API.

    Yes, businesses can broadcast message to their client list uploaded into Braango Dashboard.

    Yes, Braango supports video,images and audio apart from text.

    Yes they can log in to their Braango dashboard and upload the leads.

    Braango can be used as standalone platform business doesn’t have CRM system.

    Power up your online campaigns

    Unified number for voice and text communication designed for car dealers

    Publish your Braango Number

    Advertise Braango on Craigslist, Ebay, Autotrader, VDPs.

    Generate inbound leads reaching instantly to your sales reps

    Outbound marketing that generates results

    Upload contacts into Braango Dashboard and reach out to them via text or voice

    Reach out to existing customers in market

    Statistics show 50% of car shoppers reached via text respond back.Compare that to email where 2% of customers respond back.

    Unified customer engagement platform for inbound and outbound communications
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