Unresponsive Email Campaigns: Are You Using The Right Mode?

Customer touch points are important, however in this world of sales & marketing overload, customers have become unresponsive to sales and marketing emails that they receive and thus respond to few interesting ones that hit a chord with their needs. With spam filters and gmail promotion filter, there is very high probability that your email will go unnoticed. Here is a side by side comparison of SMS and Email marketing that will make you switch:

Open Rates: Based on Mailchimp’s latest survey, average open rate for email range from 15% to 30% with average click rate as low as 1.2%. In contrast, SMS has 98% open rate.

Email Click Rate: Similarly, average click rate for emails is between 2% to 3%. In contrast, SMS has click rates as high as 45% making it a preferred option for sales & marketing.

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