5 Reasons To Not Consider App Based Communication Solutions

Every day over 1000 apps are released on Apple app store. There are a plethora of apps available on app store ranging from ride sharing to dating. In spite of that users are downloading lesser and lesser apps as the days go by. And out of the apps downloaded, 80% of users delete them after one use. For an individual user, it is all about the hassle of installing and uninstalling an app. However, it can have serious implications on an enterprise’s business, especially if their whole communication strategy depends on the app.  Thus in this blog, we have analyzed the common issues enterprises should consider before pushing a communication app to their sales team.

#1 Storage Requirements: 50.6% of end consumers state storage requirements as the key reason they decided to delete an app. With increasing resolution both for images and videos, most mobile users start feeling storage constrained after few months of use and are constantly deleting apps to free up space. Thus pushing a new app will just add to their storage woos. An alternative solution to the problem can be to consider software and services that augment existing apps like mobile browser or SMS.

“Braango Uses Existing SMS App To Send And Receive Messages And Calling Function For Incoming And Outgoing Calls Creating Zero Overhead On The System.”

#2 Data and Connectivity: Data is another big consideration when pushing an app, both from data usage and connectivity perspective. Very few apps are completely dependent on local data today given the storage limitations, thus data and connectivity become central to the proper functioning of an App. Data and connectivity become all the more critical in case of social media and connected apps as they are continuously interacting with the internet for updates. Thus it is important for businesses to analyze and understand the data requirements or look for alternate solutions that minimize data requirements without compromising on performance.

“No Data Connection Required, Basic SMS And Call App Is All You Need For Braango.”

#3 Battery Drain: This is one of the most common reason people hate downloading apps or decide to delete one after few times. Specific to sales, most sales reps are constantly on the move and charging mobile every few hours is not realistically possible.  For some apps, battery drain is due to poor design however for social media and communication apps it is largely due to apps constantly trying to connect with the internet to deliver messages faster.

“No Drain On Your Battery, Braango Uses Existing SMS And Call App.”

#4 Slowing Phone Performance: Mobile phones tend to get slower and slower as one fill them with more apps and data. Further a device has a certain RAM which can hold a number of applications at a time. Also, as we discussed above, messenger and social media related apps keep running in background even after one kills them.

#5 Training to Use Apps: This is also an important piece to consider as communication is critical to business functions and thus the relevant app will be frequently used by various internal teams. A new communication app might not be as intuitive as an enterprise IT team may assume it to be and might require training and on-boarding before teams get used to them. UI and training requirements should be taken into account when deciding to push an app or not. An easier solution can be a communication plugin or solution that is built on the existing apps that the teams are already using and thus require minor training, compared to moving to a whole new interface altogether.

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